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I'll never understand it...

Цитаты с форума о Xam'd Lost Memories:

"I'm sorry but Akiyuki losing his memory and not being relevant to the story is just fillers to me. 2 and a half episodes of fillers so far. "

"Anyways I'm starting to get bored with the rest of the series as it is moving at the pace of a slug moving backwards. I don't mind character development but only if something happens. Last couple of episodes has been characters wandering around lost."

Ой-ееей... Меня просто жутко бесят такие высказывания. Хочется пойти постучать головами этих людей об разнообразнейшие стенки. Шли бы они лучше смотреть какого-нибудь Наруту, что-ли?
Tags: anime, spiteful, xam'd
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